Catania & Cyclopes Cost


Catania is the second most important city in Sicily after Palermo and it is an amazing place full of history, famous for its Roman ruins, baroque monuments and tipical sicilian food, sweets and wine.

The tour starts from the center of Catania where we will walk along  its most important street,via Etnea, visiting the Roman Amphitheater,Piazza Duomo with the Cathedral of S. Agata and the beautiful fountain of the Amenano river next to a lively fish market known as " a piscaria" We will also visit Aci Castello, a seaside village where you can enjoy a beautiful view from its Castle. Afterwards we go to Acitrezza, a very small village on the Cyclope Coast, a lovely pleace chosen by Homer in his epic Poem "Odyssey" to revive the Myth of the Cyclop Polyphemus which tried to kill Ulisses throwing bis stones at him while he was sailing off that coast

Time about 7 hours