Etna Crateri Silvesti & Wine Testing


Etna is the biggest and the highest active volcano in Europe covering an area of ​​1250 km2 and raising to the  height of 3350 m above sea level. On our visit to Mount Etna we will see many craters, lava flows, woods, vineyards and citrus orchards. The most destructive eruption of Etna occurred in 1669 and it caused many morphological changes in the area. An example of this  is the Ursino Castle in Catania which was built near the sea in the XII century but during this  eruption  was surrounded by lava standing now  more than a kilometer away from the coast.

The tour starts with a visit to the small village of Zafferana Etnea to enjoy the panorama from its high position. Then we move up to the Crateri Silvestri at the height of 2000m and have a walk around these expired craters. Those who want to go higher can also take the funicular which goes as high as 2500m. (tickets not included). Then we move to a vineyard located on the slopes of our volcano where we will taste some fine typical sicilian wines.

Time about 7 hours