Palermo & Monreale Tour


Palermo is the capital of Sicily and its main cultural centre. The city offers an amazing scenery with   monuments, squares and gardens built in different styles ranging from Baroque to Liberty. The town was founded by the Phoenicians who came from Tiro around the 7th century B.C.

Our excursion begins with a visit to the city center, passing by Porta Nuova to Vittoria Square to admire the Cathedral of Santa Vergine Maria Assunta and then moving to the Theatre" Vittorio Emanuele", the biggest Opera House in Italy. We continue to Monreale,to  the seat of the  local Archbishopric, where we can admire the medieval Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova richly decorated with golden mosaics and with one of the most famous byzantine Iconography of Christ the Redeemer, which makes it  unique in the South of Italy.

Time about 7 hours